Alpha Site III
Location: P4X-650, Milky Way Galaxy
Commander: Colonel Xavier Reed
United States Air Force
Units: F-302 Squadron
Status: Active

The Alpha Site, also known as Alpha Site III, the Third Alpha Site, Alpha III, the Milky Way's Alpha Site, Earth's Alpha Site and many other similar names, is the primary off world base for the Stargate Program in the Milky Way. Like the SGC the main complex is built inside a mountain. It serves as an Advanced Military Outpost and Emergency Fall Back Point, allowing a place for off world teams to gate to if they can't get to Earth. As well it can serve as an evacuation point for Earth.

Located on the planet P4X-650, it is in the Milky Way about 640 light years from Earth. The planet lacks any indigenous intelligence life, despite being vary similar to Earth. It orbits a gas giant and posses at least one moon visible with the naked eye.


In addition to a secure gate room and control center an range of science labs, medical facilities, storage, living quarters, and training facilities exist in the core complex. Additionally mess facilities, exercise facilities and even basic recreations facilities are in place to provide the extended stay of personnel in relative comfort. However being a military complex first larger armories hold weapons for both use in defence of the base, off world operations, and as a weapons cache in the event of the loss of Earth. A large hanger capable of maintaining and servicing F-302s is also part of the complex with a run way outside the hanger doors. Railgun implements have also been added and normally at least one ships maintains position in orbit, or within a few dozen light years.

In recent years several smaller compounds have been built across the planets, including an arctic research station, a beach facility (officially for marine biology study but also for R&R) and a secondary military base capability of supporting an entire regiment if needed. Future expansion is planned to include in Battle Cruiser hanger (not intended for construction) and additional personnel facilities. With Alpha site well on it's way of the first human off earth colony.



Rank Name Position
USAF-O6 Colonel Xavier Reed
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Nicolette Bourne
United States Air Force
Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer
RM-O4 Major Kate Lang
Royal Marines
Chief Security Officer
CFAC-O4 Major Charlie Kane
Canadian Forces Air Command
Chief Intelligence Officer
GS-12-SCI-UK Doctor Marline Copper, MBBS
United Kingdom Civilian
Chief Medical Officer


Rank Name Position and Service Date
USAF-O7 Brigadier General Evan Lorne
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
2017 - 2020
USAF-O6 Colonel Pierce
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
2004 - 2009
USMC-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Laura Cadman
United States Marine Corps
Marine Contingent Commander
2016 - 2020
(2016 - 2017 as Major)
USAF-O3 Captain Steven O'Neil
United States Air Force
Executive Officer
14/06/2019- 03/02/2021
USAF-O3 Captain Mike Shefield
United States Air Force
F-302 Pilot (Possibly F-302 Detachment Commander)
GS-13-SCI-US Doctor Harris
United States Civilian
Chief Medical Officer
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