Ecco Base
Location: J18-V73
Triangulum Galaxy
Commander: Lieutenant Commander Pierre Laurie
French Air Force
Units: Excalibur Expedition
Status: Deactived
"Ecco Base" is the name given to the facility on J18-V73 that currently houses the Excalibur Expedition. Ecco Base was built several hundred years ago by a race of beings that people have come to call The Metal Men (the Voroth), given that these men do indeed look half metal and half human/organic. The base, after being discovered by the Expedition, was defended by numerous salvaged M-995 Glaive Kinetic Impact Weapons and RG/BBT SG Railguns salvaged from the wreckage of the Black Eye Expedition and from the USS Excalibur.

The base was located near the camp that the survivors of the Black Eye Expedition managed to establish, though their scouts never returned if they ever discovered it.

A large portion of the equipment is salvaged off from the wreckage, and tied in with the base power grid.

Base ExteriorEdit

Excalibur Base Final part 1
The first three sections of the base are located in a small building that is nestled right up against the side of a mountain, while the rest of the base goes in to the mountain itself. The small building that is outside houses the Gate and Control Room, the main Briefing Room, Armory as well as the locker rooms and training area. It also doubles as a triage area should the need ever arise.

Base InteriorEdit

Excalibur Base Final part 2
The actual base interior is within the mountain. A series of tunnels and blast doors are the only thing that separates Sections 4 through 6 from the outside, including the first three sections that take up the Base Exterior. Sections 4 through 6 are located back-to-back-to-back, and they include such things as the Mess Hall, Infirmary, Gym, Labs and the Communication Stone Room. At the tail end of the mountain are the final 3 sections. It is here that the quarters for the entire expedition personnel are located, as well as a Hanger Bay and the back exit from the base and mountain itself.
Excalibur Base Final part 3

Ecco Base ShipsEdit

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