Vitruvian Man
Homo Sapiens
Classification: Homo Sapiens (Man Who Thinks)
Place of Origin: Milky Way Galaxy
Variants: Jaffa, Wraith, etc
Status: Alive
Societal Information
Technological Level: Variable (Bronze Age - Space Faring)
Goverment: Variable
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It is likely that if you're reading this, you may be a human, and don't know it yet!


Latin: Homo Sapiens, "man who thinks".
Believed to be a descendant of "Homo Erectus" (Latin), or "Man Who Walks Upright", humans currently rule the Earth, and a large portion of the Milky Way. They have split off, whether by genetic manipulation or varying conditions, to various races, but humans can still be located, unchanged, throughout several Galaxies.

Much of the Technology belonging to the Humans (also known as the Tau'ri) is descended from that created by the Ancients (also known as the Lanteans), or splintered off from the main Human roots due to the Goa'uld dispersing them across the galaxy from Earth.


It was widely believed that humans had descended from apes and chimpanzees, but due to the Stargate Program, it was discovered that Humans had descended from the Ancients, who had migrated from another galaxy (namely the Celestis Galaxy.

Splinter VariantsEdit