Template:PC Template Lieutenant Colonel Jack Huang was the disfigured officer of the ROTS Tai Yang.


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • ATA Gene Status: Untested
  • WTA Gene Status: Untested
  • GTA Gene Status: Negative


  • Secondary Education: Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School (高雄市立高雄高級中學)
  • University Education: National Tsing Hua University ( 國立清華大學)
    • B.S. Degree in Mechanics, specializing in Aviation
  • Military Education: ROTAF Air Force Academy (空軍官校) at Gangshan AFB

Career HistoryEdit

  • F-CK-2 Defense Force
    • 4/19/2014-5/11/2017
  • Recruited/Trained in the IOA Agency
    • 5/13/2017-6/18/2017
  • IOA Junior Agent, National Affairs
    • 6/20/2017-3/8/2019
  • IOA Senior Agent, Military Overseer
    • 3/9/2019-9/23/2021
  • Executive Officer, ROTS Tai Yang
    • 9/25/2021 - 12/15/2022

Effective Dates of PromotionEdit

  • ROTAF-O1 - Second Lieutenant: 4/19/2014
  • ROTAF-O2 - First Lieutenant/IOA Recruit: 5/13/2017
  • ROTAF-O3 - Captain/IOA Junior Agent: 4/18/2018
  • ROTAF-O4 - Major/IOA Senior Agent: 3/9/2019<
  • ROTAF-O5 - Lieutenant Colonel: 9/23/2021

Awards & DecorationsEdit

  • Order of Loyalty & Valour (忠勇勳章)
  • Order of Loyalty & Diligence (忠勤勳章)
  • Order of Grand Community (大同勳章)
  • Order of Renaissance & Honour, Class One (復興榮譽勳章)
  • Medal of Armed Forces (陸海空軍獎章)
  • Medal of Loyalty & Integrity (忠貞獎章)
  • Enemy Kills Stars, Nine Stars (星序獎章)
  • Medal of Rising Rock (鵬舉獎章)
  • Medal Of Flying Dragon (雲龍獎章)


Jack Huang was born in a Wild family of twelve in southern Taiwan. He was a bright, but silly student in his childhood, and managed to get into one of the more prestigious scientific universities in Taiwan, obtaining a degree in mechanics, specializing in aviation and automotive.

Upon graduating from college, Huang heard about some pilot named Wu who was so great in the NDS some time ago, so Huang decided to go into the Airforce Academy and see where he can get from there.

Huang was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, being assigned to a F-CK-2 aircraft in another Defense Force of the Taiwan Airforce.

Supposed to be off the Record but Huang was pulled off the Defense Force and secretly assigned to the IOA. While in training, he was put in a operation to obtain some details on a US Fighter. Apparently there were a bit of odd conflicts going on between some IOA Agencies. Huang infiltrated a secret US Airforce Base and took pictures of the US Fighter Blue prints, of the F-22 and the new X-35.

When Huang returned and handed over the digital camera, he was immediatly accepted into the Taiwan IOA Agency, completing his training. There was one thing that almost got him kicked out of IOA, and that was asking why was he stealing jet fighter blue prints from the US. It had some issue to do with a General serving under the US who was from the Chinese Government that has a issue with Taiwan. Huang didn't quite understand it but he put the question off as he didn't want to get into more serious trouble.

During the time being a IOA Agent in National Affairs, Huang was immediatly set up to fly one of Taiwans F-22 fighters. He was strictly to keep the fighter within Taiwan Airspace to avoid trouble. As soon as he returned to the Agency head quarters, he was immediately recalled to test flight their own X-35 stealth fighter. It felt nearly the same as the F-22, but the jet was faster, more armed and more manuverable.

When Huang has brought up an important matter in the National Affairs that had set differences aside between Taiwan and US, after the mistake the Leaders of Taiwan IOA made Huang do on his training, it saved the relationship and Huang was afraid he would of been bagged, and shot. But apparently, he was wrong and was commissioned as a Senior Agent, similarities as a Major in the Airforce, and assigned as a Military Overseer.

Following the assault and charges placed on Commander Li, former Executive Officer of the ROTS Tai Yang, it has put to the leaders of Taiwan IOA Agency that Huang would be suited to take Commander Li's place. Apparently they brought it up to the Airforce and commissioned Huang a Lieutenant Commander of the Taiwan Airforce as the Executive Officer of ROTS Tai Yang.

Personality TraitsEdit

Jack has an interesting personality, characterized to be a class clown, high-level humor and tendency to be a workaholic, along with some alcohol with it, not too much though.

Huang enjoys eating Beef Noodle soup, Beef Chili with extra beans, Tacos, lots of rice, read books, play RC remote controlled cars and playing baseball in his free time.

Skills & QualificationsEdit

  • Certified Pilot For
    • F-CK-1
    • F-16
    • F-CK-2
    • F-302
    • F-312
    • F-22
    • X-35A JSF (F-35 Lightning II)
  • Automobile Mechanics
  • Aviation Mechanics
  • Electronic Warfare
  • 9mm Marksman