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  • Height: 5' 59"
  • Weight: 98
  • Hair: Clean, Brown
  • Hair Style: Short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • ATA Gene Status: Positive (Gene Therapy)
  • WTA Gene Status: Untested
  • GTA Gene Status: Negative


  • Primary: Harlem Academy (NY)
  • Junior High School: Harlem Academy (NY)
  • High School: Chester Academy (NY)
  • University Education: Doctor of Medicine (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY)
  • Military Education: United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs


  • Father: Doctor Jonathan Rehnold, Sc.D
  • Mother: Doctor Samantha Rehnold, M.D.
  • Sister: Doctor Sarah Rehnold, Sc.D


Born to Jonathan and Samantha Rehnold on the 21st of June 1996, James was always fascinated by Medicine. Although he was a weak child, he always found his way to cheat the system and his fellow students while at the same time getting high grades on his own. During his childhood he was always in a rival relationship with his two-year-older sister Sarah, always racing to the top. He never was very social, instead being what you could call a nerd, and was often bullied by his classmates. His revenge would often come in the form of lies directed at them causing them to be punished for things they did not do.

Immediatelly after his graduation from Highschool, he was accepted into the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. During that time he was closed to himself, barely speaking to his other classmates despite their attempts to approach him. He viewed everyone as an exploiter waiting for the chance to use him, and thus maintained a defensive attitude throughout College. During his final year he opened himself a bit, until then having only one or two friends he could trust. Although he was often invited to parties he never attended them, instead studying all he could.

After obtaining his M.D. he enlisted in the United States Air Force Academy, where he became a different person. He became outgoing, trusted other people to a degree he never had before. After an unfortunate incident during training in which one of his friends was killed, he almost dropped out of the Academy. It was his sister that convinced him to keep trying, and he managed to graduate.

He spent the following 3 years of his career as a Senior Airman in McMurdo Station, until he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and assigned to SG-4.