Katon Minor
Designations: None
Galaxy: M-100 Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Control: Shadows
Tau'ri Interest: Voroth's Homeworld

Katon Minor was the original homeworld of the Voroth, and it was located in the M-100 Galaxy (Wikippedia) in the constellation Coma Berenices (Wikippedia). Katon Minor is a tropical paradise, one that the Voroth adores very much. Because of their technological level, and beliefs, they had taken care of their world a lot better than the Tau'ri has with their own. Forests scatter across many continents, the atmosphere is clean, with little pollution, and cities float on oceans, or float in the sky.

Fifty Voroth stayed behind to ensure that hundreds of their race were able to escape through the Stargate to a destination unknown to those fifty. In fear that the Shadows would follow, every record of the address that was used to send the survivors was destroyed, and the last Voroth to know the address, fled through the Stargate. The last fifty Voroth sacrificed their lives to hold back the enemy, long enough for their race to survive.


The Stargate on Katon Minor, like the Stargate on Earth, Atlantis, and J18-V73, is the only Stargate in the M-100 Galaxy that can reach to other galaxies, however the Gate must have a sufficient power source in order to do this. Originally the Gate was powered by the sun, making trips to different galaxies possible.


Not entirely accepted as canon by the staff.