Template:PC Template Doctor Lleh Joel was assigned to the Atlantis Expedition.


  • Eyes: Hazel (Green & Blue)
  • Height: 5”5’
  • Weight: 125lbs
  • ATA Gene Status: Positive
  • WTA Gene Status: Untested
  • GTA Gene Status: Negative


Obviously her parents had a sense of humor because her name which could easily be spelled “Leigh” was spelled Hell backwards. Then again her mother’s mental condition left Lleh in disarray when she came home from school to find the bloody mess of her father on the hardwood floor at the age of 15. Schizophrenia is not a fun thing and due to that impression she can always tell when someone has a screw loose in the head. Luckily her brother was old enough that the court didn't put her in hands of social services and with her high school graduation a year and a half later she entered Stanford University and graduated number 6 in her class with multiple PhD’s in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology and was a member in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit before being transferred to the SGC to be an on-call Psychiatrist.

Skills & QualificationsEdit

Don’t be fooled by all the PhD’s because Lleh is anything but a nerd and her FBI training has given her plenty of skills in the firearms and hand to hand combat department though she’d rather not use them.


She is a walking oxymoron raised in a southern home in Midland, Texas, she has a way of knowing her place and respecting authority figures but at the same time she will voice her opinion without hesitation and will gladly take her licks after the fact of the matter. Lleh would also rather get even than get mad, she is calm and cool on the exterior all the while fuming on the inside and warning those around her. Last but not least she is sarcastic and cynical, voicing it where ever she goes.