NRF Jeanne d'Arc
NRF Jeanne d'Arc
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Excalibur-class (BB-307)
Nationality: French
Status: Destroyed
In Service: 2023 - 2024
Assignment Details
Assignment: Flagship
Task Force: Milky Way Defence Battle Group
Ship Crew Information
Général de Brigade aérienne Maria le Blanc
French Air Force
Crew Complement: ~1,500
Type: NPC

The NRF Jeanne d'Arc was a BB-307 (Excalibur Class) operated by the French Armed Forces and currently under the command of Général de Brigade aérienne Maria le Blanc of the French Air Force and is currently the French Flagship. It is currently assigned the Flagship of the Milky Way Defence Battle Group (MWDBG). The NRF Jeanne d'Arc is the first French BB-307 and currently the most powerful French ship. It was also destroyed defending Earth, during the Enigma Emergence, in August of 2024.


Commissioned in May 2023, the NRF Jeanne d'Arc was the first French ship of her class. The biggest ship that France had built with 30 decks and the latest technology. It became the new French Flagship and has remained it till this present day.

It was assigned as Flagship of 1st Joint Tactical Strike Group and it carried commanding officer for the Strike group. However when the the Joint Tactical Strike Group formation was disbanded it was made the Flagship of the then-planned Milky Way Defence Battle Group. Since the Battle Group was founded the Jeanne d'Arc has been the Flagship of the Battle Group with her commanding officer, Général de Brigade aérienne Maria le Blanc, also serving as the Battle Group Commanding Officer.


Named for a French heroine, there have been seven prior vessels to carry the name.

The first Jeanne d'Arc was the lead ship of it's class, launched in 1820, and decommissioned in 1833.

It would be fourteen years before another vessel carried the name, when in 1847, the second Jeanne d'Arc would be launched. It would serve for seventeen years, being decommissioned in 1864, a year before the next vessel to carry the name would be laid down.

The third of these was a wooden hulled, ironclad corvette, laid down in 1865, and launched in 1867. The ship would be commissioned in 1869, but condemned as unseaworthy in 1883.

Following the condemnation of the prior Jeanne d'Arc, the name would transfer to a French cruiser, laid down in 1896. This ship would be launched in 1899, and commissioned three years later in 1902. It would see service through World War I, before being decommissioned in 1928, and struck four years after that.

Following the decommissioning of the cruiser iteration of the Jeanne d'Arc, a school ship of the same name would be laid down that same year (1928), to be launched and christened in 1930. However the ship wouldn't be commissioned until 1931. This ship would survive the war, being decommissioned in 1964.

The final water-borne vessel of the name would be another cruiser, laid down in 1959, and launched in 1961. However, it wouldn't be commissioned until 1964, when the previous Jeanne d'Arc was decommissioned. The vessel would serve for forty-six years, to be decommissioned in 2010. BB-307


Rank Name Position
FAF-O7 Général de Brigade aérienne Maria le Blanc
French Air Force
Commanding Officer
MWDBG Commanding Officer