Technical Specifications
Creator: Thanos (Goa'uld)
Purpose: Enrichment of Naqudah
Status: In Use
Interest: Weaponization

Naquadriazation is a complicated and still experimental process in development by the Tau'ri to recreate the effects found on Kelowna whereby naturally occurring stable naquadah is converted to naquadria. However, in this case it was caused by the experiments of the Goa'uld System Lord Thanos.

Currently it is success on small scale procedures of purified naquadah. But attempts are being made to conduct the process on planetary scales. This would allow for the creation of Icarus type planets from any world containing between 40% and 75% naquadah in the mantle and core.

The process centers on the bombardment of naquadah with high energy subatomic particles.

Currently Area 51 is attempting to figure out how to do is.