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Winter 2010/2011Edit

  • We're proud to announce the opening of a new sim, the USS Aegis.


Winter 2010/2011Edit

  • Happy Holidays!
  • An application for SG:TNG to have a group on DeviantArt (located at has been submitted, and we're waiting to hear about that. Anyone with a DeviantArt, please let us know, and we'll be sure to invite you!
  • People who're inactive for greater than three weeks at a time will be removed, unless they leave a LOA (or have some legitimate excuse).
  • The USS Pillar of Dawn was closed due to lack of players. We don't want everyone being stretched too thin, and with too few players, it's a bit too much for four sims and a dozen or so players at most.
  • We've decided to allow more civillian characters, (in this case journalists) in some of the sims, for anyone interested in checking that out.
  • Anyone interested in playing a civilian in any other capacity please contact the Senior Staff with your idea and we will do whatever we can to integrate it. This is true for any atypical position or something we don't already have. If you have an idea, we want to hear it.
  • There is a reward out for anyone with information pertaining to the theft of a box of chocolate from the officers lounge.

Summer 2010Edit

  • With the loss of Ipbfree and almost all of our old information Stargate: The Next Generation is rebuilding, our new forums can be found HERE! If your a current member who wants to get back online, a returning vet or a new player interested check it out and we hope to see you soon.
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