The designation Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) is an individual in the enlisted ranks of a military unit who has limited command authority over others in the unit. They are normally the most experience and senior Enlisted Member of the Unit. NCOIC is the term utilize by the Stargate Program reflecting the Programs US Air Force roots. However the positions are assigned to members of any country and any service. As such analogous terms like Sargent Major, or RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) may also apply. Generally, an NCOIC is both an administrative leader as well as a combat leader.

Noted NCOICsEdit

Name Assignment Years Active
Master Chief Petty Officer Audie Mjolnir
United States Navy
Stargate Command 2024 - Present
Master Sergeant Zafar Donaldson
United States Air Force
Atlantis Expedition
Atlantis-Pegasus Command
2023 - 2025
Regimental Sergeant Major Michael Beehan
British Army
Stargate Command 2020 - 2024
Sergeant Major Eli Aarons
Israel Defense Force
Chief of the Boat - USS Aegis 2025
Sergeant First Class Scott Powers
United States Army
Chief of the Boat - USS Sovereign 2025 - 2026
Chief Master Sergeant Scarlet Fernandez
United States Air Force
Aureus-Celestis Expedition 2020 - 2022