Operational Support Battle Group
Commander: Air Commodore Liam Bradshaw
Royal Air Force
Headquarters: RFS Dmitry Medvedev
Size: 5 Ships
Parent Unit: Earth Fleet Command
Status: Inactive

The Operational Support Battle Group (OSBG) is a unit under the command of the Earth Fleet Command, but vessels commonly operate independently until they are required. It is designed to deploy rapid response ship and fighter support when required. It can also deploy in support of Expeditions or planetary bases. It can work with the Ground Support Battle Group when needed for a planetary siege or blockade.




Group StaffEdit

Command StaffEdit

Rank Name Position
RAF-O7 Air Commodore Liam Bradshaw
Royal Air Force
Commander, Operational Support Group
RUS-AF-O6 Polkovnik (Colonel) Misha Ivanov
Russian Federation Air Forces
Commanding Officer, RFS Dmitry Medvedev
USAF-O6 Colonel Ross James
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer, USS Endeavor
RAAF-O5 Wing Commander Monica Harkness
Royal Australian Air Force
Commanding Officer, ANZS Star of the South
SAF-O6 Överste Jesper Sørensen
Swedish Air Force
Commanding Officer, NOV Norse
FN-O6 Capitaine de vaisseau Tomas Dupont
Marine nationale
Commanding Officer, NRF Charles de Gaulle