Royal Canadian Navy
Language(s): English, French
Founded: Febuary 1st, 1968
Status: Active

The Royal Canadian Navy is the Naval Combat service branch of the Canadian Forces it is responsible for all seaborne assets regardless of role or function. The Maritime Command is the smallest of the three service branches and also contains the Marine Commando Command.


The Royal Canadian Navy is lead by the Chief of the Maritime Staff who reports to the Chief of Defence Staff. While equal in rank and position, The Chief of the Maritime Staff takes precedence over the Chiefs of the Land and Air Staffs following the tradition of the Royal Navy. This is mainly in a ceremonially sense.


The maritime force of the Canadian Forces. Naval ships are broken into two Task Groups, Atlantis and Pacific. Contrary to common belief there is no Arctic or Northern Group. Ships carry the initialism HMCS for Her Majesty's Canadian Ship, a throw back to the days of the Royal Canadian Navy. The smallest of three three service branches MARCOM is also responsible for the Royal Canadian Marine Corps, which despite a great deal of autonomy is still technically part of MARCOM.

Additionally Maritime Command Personnel Division is a classified formation for the Stargate Program, which is an administrative unit for all Royal Canadian Navy personnel attached to the Stargate Program.

Break DownEdit

Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT)Edit

The Canadian Fleet Atlantic, and has responsibility for Canada's Atlantic Area of Responsibility including the eastern Arctic. It is based at CFB Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC)Edit

The Canadian Fleet Pacific, and has responsibility for Canada's Pacific Area of Responsibility that includes the Western half of the Canadian Arctic. It is based at CFB Esquimalt near Victoria, British Columbia.

Naval Reserve Headquarters (NAVRESHQ)Edit

Located at the Pointe-a-Carcy Naval Complex, in Quebec City, Quebec, responsible for 24 Naval Reserve Divisions across the country. The base is also home to Canadian Forces Fleet School Quebec and HMCS Montcalm.

Royal Canadian Marine Corps (RCMC)Edit

Main article: Royal Canadian Marine Corps

The Marine Commandos, which despite autonomy, are still under the Command of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Royal Canadian Navy Personnel Division (MARCOM PERDIV)Edit

A classified unit that is responsible for the administration of MARCOM personnel assigned to the Stargate Program.

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