UNV Starlight
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Menoetius-class (FFL-303B)
Nationality: United Nations
Status: Destroyed
In Service: 2022 - 2024
Assignment Details
Assignment: Hospital Ship
Task Force: Civillian Aid Flotilla
Ship Crew Information
Crew Complement: 95
Type: NPC

The UNV Starlight is the last of three United Nations FFL-303Bs commissioned to serve together as a Civilian Aid Flotilla. The vessels have a relatively small international military contingent who command and operate the vessel, as well as provide security. However the bulk of the contingent is made up of civilian aid workers who volunteer their skills. They work with international aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and the World Food Program to provide assistance and aid world wide, as well as to Earth's Allies.

Despite all three ships being very versatile the Starlight specializes as a Hospital ship, while the Endurance is designed to help rebuild villages and communities and the Providence is designed to carry large amounts of supplies and food production.

  • Motto: "By Starlight We Save."


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