Classification: Replilian Humanoid
Place of Origin: P3X-888, Milky Way Galaxy
Status: Active
Societal Information
Technological Level: Stone Age (Primarily)
Goverment: Tribal

The Unas are referred to as "The First Ones" by the Jaffa, because they were, literally the Goa'uld's first hosts, having evolved on the same world. Eventually, the Goa'uld learned how to infect the Unas, and began a war on the planet, decimating the Unas population (causing a shortage of hosts for the parasitic Goa'uld). Eventually, however, the Unas learned to fight Goa'uld, and stopped drinking from the water where the Goa'uld lived, and began wearing a collar-like instrument hardened with bone to prevent infection by a Goa'uld.

While the Unas are all but extinct off of their initial world, they have spread due to both the Goa'uld, and some human's who took them, at one time, as slaves.

Despite being tribal in nature, the Unas are capable of higher thought, and subsequently have proven themselves capable of more than they appear, going so far as to have known religions, worshipping their ancestors, which was a point of contention during the Goa'uld-Human war (1997 - 2005), when the S.G.C. tried to establish a mining outpost in a former slave-operated mine. The Unas agreed to work the mine, however, to avoid contaminating the sacrifices of their ancestors by outsiders.

Notable UnasEdit

  • Chaka (Male, Juvenile when featured in the picture)