United Nations Aid Squadron
Commander: Madam Rachel Seydoux
Republic of France
Headquarters: UNV Providence
Size: 3 Ships
Parent Unit: United Nations
Earth Fleet Command
Succeeded By: United Nations Space Command
Status: Inactive
For more information about United Nations vessels after 2026, see United Nations Space Command.

The United Nations Aid Squadron (UNAID) is under the direct command of the United Nations Secretariat under the direction of the United Nations General Assembly. Earth Fleet Command served in an advisory and liaison role. The vessels operated both singularly and jointly. During it's activity, the UNAID was called on to assist in recovery operations across the globe, as well as assisting wartorn planets ravaged during the course of several wars.

With the UNV Epimetheus decommissioned and the UNV Mercury and UNV Titan up for sale the only other active UN vessel is the UNV Albert Einstein a Science ship in service with the Second Joint Expeditionary Fleet. All further UN vessels will be Scientific or Medical and Aid oriented. The all of the ships in the UN Aid Squadron were destroyed in combat over earth.

Former UnitsEdit

Group StaffEdit

Rank Name Position
SES-1-DIP-FR Madam Rachel Seydoux
Republic of France
Commander, United Nations Aid Squadron
Director of United Nations Global Aid Program
CFMC-O5 Commander Michael Coventry
Royal Canadian Navy
Military Commander & Homeworld Command Liaison