Class Overview
Name: Jump Ship
Designation: Z/VOR-001
Variants: Z/ANC-003 (Speculated Origin)
Manufacturer: Unknown (Voroth?)
Service Numbers
Active: Unknown
Destroyed: Unnown
Technical Specifications
Function: Warship
Size: Length: ~38 Meters
Width: ~14 Meters
Height: ~6 meters
Standard Compliment: >1
Hull: Naqudah Composite
Countermeasures: Cloaking Device
Armaments: 20 Small Drones
4 Laser Cannons
Aircraft Carried: None
Secondary Systems: Transport Beam
Sublight Speed: Unknown
FTL Speed: Unknown

The Jump Ship is similar to the Z/ANC-003's in size and fire power, however it does have slight differences from the traditional Z/ANC-003, these differences include consoles that can only be operated by a Voroth, and the pilot having to have the ATA Gene.

  • Weapons:
    • (20) Small Drones - Each capable of taking out a single enemy fighter craft.
    • (4) Laser Cannons - Attached to the sides of the craft.