Zhong Nan Hai Incident
Date: December 5th, 2023
Location: Unlisted Planet, Milky Way Galaxy
Aftermath: Rising of Tensions Between GATO countries & China
Stargate Command People's Republic of China Tau'ri Rebellion
UK-Flag Lt. Col. Robert Thomson China-Flag Col. Chang An Tauri-Rebellion Gen. Rocky Bond
Stargate Command Team 1 PLAS Zhong Nan Hai UNV Discovery
Lt. Col. Robert Thomson PLAS Zhong Nan Hai
Entire Crew
Similar Events
Concurrent To: Second Battle of Area 51
For the ship the incident is named after, see PLAS Zhong Nan Hai.

The Zhong Nan Hai Incident refers to an international incident that occurred in late 2023. The PLAS Zhong Nan Hai was transporting SG-1 when the vessels commander Colonel Cháng'ān took the team into custody with the intention of turning them and the ship over to the Tau'ri Rebellion and officially defecting.

SG-1 was eventual able to escape and beam down to a planet they were in orbit of, using the gate to return to Earth. They also set the ship on a collision course with the Rebellion controlled Discovery. However, during the escape British Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Thomson was killed. Intelligence reports confirm that the Discovery then destroyed the Zhong Nan Hai, resulting in the death of the entire crew.

The fallout led to a special commission by the UN to investigate and completely reevaluate Chinese Program assets.